The report in a nutshell

This report explores the outdoor experience of the future. Looking back, we note that the driving forces of escapism have changed over the years. What started out as a desire for rest and relaxation has evolved into an active search for fun, enjoyment, as well as a focus on exciting experiences. By taking a closer look at the trends that affect us as consumers in relation to outdoor experiences, we can examine the effects of urbanisation, our need for simplification, safety and what gives rise to these needs. We can also consider our quest for seamless action (our increasing intolerance to hassle) and we can take a look at the role of digitalization: is it a boon or a bane to our experience outdoors? We put the Millennials under the microscope and look at its desire for order, as well as its interest in the little things in life. We contemplate how so-called “curling parents” view the outdoor experience as a success factor for their children. Moreover, how does the outdoor experience fit into the new community of thought?

Being able to engage in business year-round and to increase profitability are the challenges currently facing many providers of outdoor experiences. This report describes the target groups to appeal to, ways to create new potential, and ultimately, to create new tourist seasons. We finish with a few uncertainties to take into account, four future scenarios, and recommendations to all ambitious providers of outdoor experiences. They are:

  1. Do something together – being together is our greatest wish.
  2. Make it beautiful! Designification is a rapidly growing trend.
  3. Open your arms to the nerds! Families with children are not enough to 
carry a year-round enterprise.
  4. Dive into the digital world – it will help you succeed.
  5. Explain your contribution to GDP: your business gets people to think 
more clearly.
  6. Invite the world! Growth lies beyond the traditional target groups.
  7. Create something out of the ordinary – again and again.

This report addresses the future of the outdoor experience in general, but has a special focus on SCR and SLAO’s business areas.

Authors / Analysts Kairos Future: Johanna Danielsson, Thomas Fürth, Tomas Larsson, Cristina Lazaro Morales, Peter Pernemalm, Nilla Persson.

The report is available online.

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